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Quality and reliability

We are providig the highest level of services to the our patients through the preparedness professionals of Humancell Holding and the using of the best available technology.

In 2010 the hungarian lab implemented the MSZ ISO 9001:2009 quality control system, which facilitates and guarantees the constant and impeccable quality of our services, ongoing development, increasing customer satisfaction and a higher level of correspondence with the needs of our clients.

The quality management system further developed during the year 2014, we started to introduce and apply the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) quality management system in accordance with the guidelines in the territories of the umbilical cord blood processing. The GMP includes current professional guidelines for pharmaceutical activity, using a best known-controlled process. The purpose of the directive is the control of production, quality control and storage process of the composition- in this case, the to be stored stem cells, which guarantees the quality of the product, that will be stored in the cell properties of long-term preservation.

Humancell group produces high quality management in relation to the preparation, testing and storage of stem cells to frozen stem cell preparation up to the challenge of the future use requirements or transplantations.