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Laboratory processing

Our team of professionals with many years of experience processes the samples strictly in line with EU norms and professional principles, using the most modern technologies.

The umbilical blood sample is processed within 48 hours of collection. We use a special volume reduction process following a methodology recommended by the world's largest blood bank in New York (Processing and cryo preservation of placental/umbilical cord blood for unrelated bone marrow reconstitution, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, vol.92, pp.10119-10122, October 1995). Following the concentration of the nucleated cells, the stem cell preparation is split into several portions and prepared for deep freezing in freezer bags and ampules.

Our laboratory processes umbilical blood using Sepax technology from the Swiss firm Biosafe. Biosafe and Sepax are market leaders in the field of umbilical blood processing and regenerative medicine. The technology allows the sample to be processed using the most modern procedures and to the highest quality standards, and takes place in a closed system that eliminates the danger of laboratory contamination. Over 700.000 samples have already been processed worldwide using this technology. The advantage of Sepax is that the samples are prepared for deep freezing using a completely automated, reproducible, closed system that eliminates human error. Processing umbilical blood with this technology complies with GMP laboratory requirements.

We begin processing umbilical cord samples within 36 hours of collection. A mesenchymal stem cell preparation is made from the section of cord (Wharton's jelly and blood vessel walls). The stem cell preparation is put into ampules ready for deep freezing.