Humancell Switzerland

CH-6300 Zug, Chamerstrasse 172

+41 41 740 08 20


About us

The Humancell group with a mainly Swiss ownership background established its first health organization in 2005 in Hungary. The founders' aim was seting up a modern tissue and cell bank to make advanced biotechnological processes accessible; continually widen its services through research and development programs; storage of stemcells for regenerative or transplantation usage.
We have been dealing with collecting and storing of gamete stem cells since 2005, cord blood stem cells since 2007 and umbilical cord stem cells since 2011. We expanded our tissue and cell banking activity with processing and storing of fat tissue in 2012.
We process umbilical blood using Sepax Technology from the Swiss firm Biosafe, meeting the highest standards of quality with state of the art method. The advantage of Sepax is that the samples are prepared for deep freezing using a completely automated, closed system that eliminates human error. Processing umbilical blood with this technology complies with GMP laboratory requirements.
For us, professional competence and quality service comes first. We provide a precise and safe service. We will help all of our clients to work out the contract and financing package that is optimal for them.